Pre-Order Info

Pre-Order Items:

Pre-Arrival or Pre-Order wines are wines that we have purchased either overseas or from a local distributor or importer, but we have yet to receive, and therefore are not currently available for shipping.  

These are items that we have purchased, and in most cases are being offered to you at deeply discounted prices due to the fact that they are not in our physical inventory at the moment. 

We do our best to estimate the time of arrival for each Pre-Arrival/Pre-Order wine listed on the website.  That being said, there are a lot of factors that can affect the delivery dates.  We adjust estimated arrival dates for individual items as applicable, and when we adjust the dates for items you have on order you will see the adjusted dates when you login to your account.  

After the wines arrive we contact everyone that has a pending order to arrange shipping.  


Pre-Arrival/Pre-Order offers (to our mailing list subscribers):

What does 'pre-arrival offer' or 'pre-order' actually mean?  There are two flavors of pre-arrival offers.  

1. In the first instance we have a certain quantity of wine on hold with one of our suppliers. We will definitely be importing a certain amount, but are judging interest to see if we need to import more (or in some cases less) than we have on hold. If we confirm your order on one of these offers it means your order is secure.  These offers will indicate 'pending confirmation'.

2. In the second case we have already purchased the wines being offered.  The quantity you see listed in the email is the exact amount that we have purchased and is available to you. These offers will have a link back to the website to place your order, as well as the estimated time it's arriving in our warehouse.  


We're currently planning on importing three times a year; Spring, Fall, and Winter. All wines are imported to the US in refrigerated containers from the moment they depart Europe until they reach our warehouse.